Naturalism Worldview – The World as we see it

A worldview is one’s view of the world.  It is our bias.  It is the philosophical framework around which we base all decisions upon.  We all have one and make all decision consistent with our worldview perspective.

Naturalism – The world as we see it

The worldview that dominates the scientific community and most of the Modern culture is Naturalism.  The Naturalistic worldview is based on the our senses.  It is the world as we see it.  The Naturalist holds to the idea that the only thing that exist is what can be observed, measured or quantified.  Reality is defined as what you can touch, taste, feel, hear, smell, or see.

View of God:

The Naturalist tends to fall into two camps when it comes to the question of God.  The first view says that since I can’t see God, I don’t know if He is real.  They operate under a philosophical framework known as Agnosticism.  It is a lack of personal knowledge.  They soft agnostic says that “I don’t know if there is a God,” while the hard agnostic says “No-one can no if there is a God.”

The second view is one that denies the existence of a Diety altogether.  This is referred to as Athiest.  The Athiest generally believe that the idea of God is an invention of man to either keep the lower class in check and under control, or to explain away the puzzling questions of their world.  Since science is now able to reveal the answers to these mysteries, there is no longer a need for God.

This philosophy is characterized by the writings of many philosophers, but it is the writings of Nietzsche who articulated it most clearly in “Thus Spoke Zarathustra.”  Zarathustra descends from his mountain top where he has spent his time understanding the natural evolution of man from ape to “Overman.”  As he descends into the world again, enlightened with this new reality, he sorrows for those who have not realized that “God is dead.”  The need to hold to a higher power is no longer needed when man finally achieves his evolutionary end.

The Naturalist are either Agnostic or Athiest.

View of Man:

To the Naturalist, human beings are a by product of evolutionary process.  We are an evolutionary stage of the animal world.  We evolved through the primate lineage and have developed the ability to think and reason as evolutionary tools to survive.

Natural selection is why we exist.  Since we are the by product of evolution we cannot or should not consider our selves any more valuable or special than any other animal that has evolved.  We are, after all, nothing more than a primate.

The Naturalist also tend to view man as essentially good.  It is the nature of man to do good, but nature and our environments have caused us to act in ways that are contrary to our nature.  If we can provide an environment that is healthy enough and controlled enough, it is reasonable to assume that the evil of this world would reduce significantly.  Since mankind is subject to their environment, control the environment, you effect mankind.

View of Nature:

The Naturalist views the physical universe as eternal.  It has no beginning, nor ending.  It is in an eternal state of flux.  Natural processes control the behavior of the universe and it can be understood through science.  Our current universe began with a Big Bang and has expanded and created countless galaxies and planets.  The universe will continue to expand until it reaches its limits, at which point it will collapse on itself and another Big Bang will start the process over again.

Life on this planet and/or others is the result of natural selection and survival of the fittest.  As environments change, organisms that are adapted to the environment survive to pass on their genetics and other die out and go extinct.  This is the natural process.

Examples of a Naturalism:

and others.


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