Theistic Worldview – The World from God’s hands

A worldview is our view of the world and our view for the world.  It is our bias.  Every person has a worldview and every action or behavior is defined by ones worldview.  The purpose of this post is to present an general overview of the Theistic Worldview.

Theism – The world from God’s hands

The Theistic worldview is defined by the belief of Deity that exist outside of the natural world, God exist.  Theist hold to the idea that truth is defined by the character of God and that all humanity is bound to operate within that truth.  Our destiny and purpose is defined by Deity and not ourselves.

View of God:

God is a self sustaining being that exist outside of the physical realm.  The Theist believes that God interacts with the physical realm that He created.  God is the source of truth and destiny.  He is eternal.  He possesses attributes that are exclusive to Him, such as being all powerful, all knowing and every where.

God is.

View of Humanity:

The Theist holds to the idea that man is the special created being of God.  Man is separate from the animal world and unique in his nature and being.  Man is the only created being that can have a relationship with God and the only created being that God desires to have a relationship with.  To the Theist, man’s purpose and destiny is defined by God, his creator.

The Theist view of man is that he is essentially evil.  Man is fallen and possess a sin nature.  We are born with this nature and it is only through an act of God that can set us free.  As a depraved individual, it is our nature to shun the things of God and to deny Him His rightful place in our life.

Man  has an eternal destiny.  From the moment of conception, the human life exist for eternity.  Death is the separation of the spirit from the physical and the Spirit of man lives on into eternity in either a Heaven/Paradise or Hell.

View of Nature:

All of nature is part of the creation of God.  Most Theist believe that God literally created the universe and all that is within in six literal, 24-hour days.  Some theist hold to the view that the universe was created when God intervened in the process of Evolution and effected the direction of the evolving universe.  In either view, God is responsible for the universe existence and it is maintained by his direct interaction.

The natural world is temporal and will eventually cease to exist.  The Theist believes that the physical universe was created by God and will one day be destroyed by God.  The natural world operates under defined rules and laws that were designed by the Creator.


Judiasm: Holds to the idea that God is a just and merciful God.  They are awaiting the return of the Messiah to establish his kingdom.

Islam:  Holds to the idea that God is just and vengeful.  They are awaiting for the judgment of God on the earth.

Christianity: Holds to the idea that God is personal and came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ.  They are awaiting for the return of Jesus to take the church to heaven.


Making Sense of Your World: A Biblical Worldview By Gary Phillips, William Brown, and John Stonestreet.

Think Biblically!: Recovering a Christian Worldview By John MacArthur, Patricia A. Ennis, Clyde P., Jr. Greer, and Grant Horner

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