Transcendental Worldview – The world as you want it to be

Easter Religious SymbolsEvery person has a worldview.  It is the framework upon which we build our world.  It is our bias.  Our perspective.  The reality is that most of our worldview is developed through our environment.  Our perspective is heavily influenced by our life experiences.  The purpose of this post is to discuss the Transcendentalist or Cosmic Humanist worldview.

Transcendentalism – The world as we want it

The Transcendentalist worldview dominates the religions of the Far East.  India, China, Japan, Korea, etc all stem from a similar root.  They all reflect the transcendentalistic philosophy.  These philosophies have spread across the globe and became popular in America during the 1960’s.

View of God:

God is the cosmic energy or force that binds all things together.  This energy permeates all matter and was the original source of all creation.  It is an impersonal energy that flows and ebbs throughout space and matter.  God is all and in all.  The essence of God exist in each person.  The goal of the transcendentalist is to self-actualize and to have one’s own energy eventually rejoin the cosmic energy.  To the transcendentalist, the universe, and everything within it, is God.

View of Humanity:

Mankind is a fragmentation of the cosmic energy.  We exist as physical manifestations of our spiritual self.  Humans are possessors of god and when we become enlightened and reach a state of higher consciousness, our material life will end and our spiritual life rejoins the cosmic energy.

Truth and reality is determined by the individual.  Reason and logic are irrelevant, it is the moment, the now, the feeling of the individual that determines personal reality and truth.  “We must live according to our own truth,” says the transcendentalist.  It is the only way we can achieve true happiness and harmony.

All living things move closer to or further away from self-actualization as they progress through each physical reincarnation.  The process of reincarnation is essential to growth and development to the transcendentalist.  Each life that is lived moves one closer to enlightenment and absorption into the eternal energy of the divine.

View of Nature:

To the transcendentalist, the physical universe is interconnected to the cosmic energy.  The physical is the unreal.  All of creation is continuing on an evolutionary path to universal harmony and unity.  Nature is equal to divine and should be revered and honored.


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