The Direction of the Church

I am a self proclaimed nerd.  I love gadget and gizmo’s more than most.  I work all day on a computer and come home and spend my “down time” relaxing on a computer.  It really is something that I enjoy.

Technology, social media, and all types of “new media” are really driving our pop culture.  Cell phones are the nexus of our world.  It is hard to go or do anything without the cell phone.  And if your really “plugged in” you have a smart phone, like a Droid or, as I happen to love, the iPhone.

Where do these technologies and media fit in the church?  Should they be part of the church?

What do you think?  Is there a Biblical issue associated with the use and integration of these new technological and social tools into the way we do Church?  Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “The Direction of the Church

  1. I think technology can definitely be used within the church.

    Think of how Scripture was trasmitted…

    Initially the biblical authors used papyri. As Scripture was being copied (scribes copying previous copies who copied previous copies, who copied the originals) what they wrote on changed. Papyri turned to parchment then to paper … eventually we arrived at the printing press. Thank goodness for that! Look at how many Bibles were produced as a result of that!

    I see advancments in technology as a means of broadening our scoped. It provides an effective means of reaching the unreached with more ease than ever before. It makes the world a little bit smaller so you can have believers communicating about what is going on in their life, or in their church, or community etc. to others living thousands of miles of way.

    We use all facets of technology for our ministry. We use Adobe ConnectPro for our online classes, we use Facebook to build community for our classes, we use Facebook to promote ministry events and materials. We are in the process of developing an iPhone/Smart Phone application that will be filled with a number of items for the theologically inclined. We of course have a ministry blog. We have podcasts, and online radio shows. Our main website provides seminary level study material for free. There have been underground churches in countries where Christianity is forbidden that have used our materials. They can’ t exactly get a big box of theology DVDs and workbooks delivered by the local mail but can view classes (undetected) by way of the internet.

    And that is just our ministry!

    Al Mohler, John Piper, Charles Stanley, John MacArthur, Greg Koukl, Chuck Swindoll, Ravi Zacharias, the list goes on and on and on … all make use of technology much in the same way we do.

    This new means of communicating can and should be used to the glory of God and the benefit of believers (and the lost provided they listen and turn to Christ!)

    As with all things though there is the bad that comes with the good. We as believers should be mindful of such things becoming an idol and diverting our attention from the most important things. But then that can happen with anything… gadgets, Facebook, fishing, exercise … anything has the potential to become an idol, so we should watch out for that.

    Another thing to be mindeful of is not allowing “internet fellowship” to replace real, live fellowship. There are things that simply can’t be achieved through digital means – accountability being a major one. Some things will never replace being together with fellow believers in a local church. There is a danger of that happening with people getting too comfortable fellowshiping solely in an online environment. That should be guarded against to be sure.

    But in terms using of what God has allowed to come to be and using it for His kingdom, I say click away! 😀

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