What version of the Bible?

I grew up using the King James Version of the Bible.  It was what our church used.  It was what my family used.  I never knew any different until I got to college and really began to use other translations.

I have a preference for the literal translations for Bible study.  I like the New American Standard and still, on occasion, prefer the KJV reading.  I think the literal translations are better for study because the give us a closer rendering of the original.

I do like to read the Message, however, for the narratives, especially the Old Testament stories.  It makes for a much easier read and the stories seem to flow more naturally.

What versions do you guys prefer and why?

4 thoughts on “What version of the Bible?

  1. Alan, first let me say, I like your blog post. They are clear and succinct.

    I like the ESV (English Standard Version) a great deal. NAS (as you mentioned) is great as well. The NET (New English Translation) is an amazing translation for study … the notes are unreal.

    However whenever I quote Scripture, it almost always comes out in King James’ English haha!

    I grew up doing Bible drills with the KJV, memorizing verses in KJV and subsequently studying it cover to cover for a few years in high school (yea you know, you were there too! haha!)

    But in terms of preference it’s hard to say … I reckon ESV or NET are what I go to the most often.

  2. Of course we were raised pretty much in the same church and the King James was what we cut our teeth on. I still to this day use and only use the KJV. The reason that I believe the KJV is the one to use, is because it was translated by Godly men and they were so careful when they wrote even the name of Christ, they would change out their pen and get a new one. I have looked at other versions and they are never complete, most of them leave out the virgin birth or the blood of Christ being the Atonement for our sins…some leave out that we must repent, and to be honest some are written like a Mother Goose book. I just like the Old Time way and I want to get the freshest meat and truest form of the scriptures and I can do that without having to dig through all the garbage ,when I use the KJV. So many people call the other versions from God..but If you take one of the songs I have written and change my words to simpler words and change some of the meaning to my song..then it is no longer my song. It is yours.
    I think people would really be surprised if they knew about the lives of the people that wrote those other versions. Some were Atheist, Sodomites and these people writing those versions have hurt our country as a whole.

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