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I am not one who is always reading a book.  I have learned through my life, however, that reading is vital for growth and maturation.  I have heard it said that “Readers are Leaders.”  I’m not 100% sure I completely agree with the statement, but I do agree with the idea.  Because it is not innate, I have to intentionally discipline myself to read.  The last book was recommended to me by a friend and so now I am recommending to those who read this blog post.

Few books in my life have had this kind of effect on my thinking.  Radical by David Platt has really caused me to have a significant shift in my concept of Christian living and, more specifically, a shift in my understanding of the Gospel.

Platt looks at the Great Commission in Matthew 28 and paints a convicting picture that seems to stand in contrast to our American way of thinking.  As we are going about our life, we are to be making disciples, teaching them to do all the things that Jesus commanded.  As he dives into the Gospel message and reveals the power of its application, I found myself shrinking.

I tried to think of the last person I discipled.  I mean someone that I intentionally poured my heart into.  Someone that I shared the message of the Gospel and taught them to do all the things that Jesus commanded.  I had to really think.  It was several years ago.  I have not been effective in carrying out the Great Commission.  I had not been effective in LIVING the Gospel.

If you have not picked up the book yet, I highly recommend you do.  Either borrow or purchase the book and read.

I think some might say, “Why not just read the Bible, why read a book about the Bible?”  When you read the Scriptures with the perspective you have NOW, you are biased because of your point of view and perspective.  You are looking at the world and the Scriptures in a way that is MAY NOT be clear.  I’m not suggesting that you are distorting Scripture, but you MIGHT be slightly out of focus.  I was.

This book has adjusted my lens.  It has not changed the Scripture, nor does it reveal some new or revolutionary insight.  It’s like looking through your camera that is slightly out of focus and then having someone adjust the lens, all of a sudden things just look clear!

Read it!  I challenge you to look at the Gospel a little more clearly and evaluate your focus.  You may find your out of skew.

Let me know what you think when you read it.  I’m interested in discussing it.

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  1. YES SIR! Dad got a hold of you too, huh? Or was it someone else? I LOVE this book…haven’t finished it because I keep having to let my toes rest. Such good stuff…

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