Children Belong to Parents, Not the Community

Children are not the communities!  Children are given to parents and they are parents responsibility.  Be careful NOT to buy into this kind of Postmodern, Socialistic, Big Government propaganda.  It is NOT Biblical!

2 thoughts on “Children Belong to Parents, Not the Community

  1. Dear Alan.

    I appreciate your blog. I just stumbled across it when looking for additional information about Radical.

    Radical is an amazing book. As is his other book, Follow Me. It has changed much in my life. Because of this book, I will be in Haiti next week for 8 days. And I will be in Bangladesh for 10 days in December. I’m planning to visit David Platt’s church in August.

    I recommend Francis Chan’s book Multiply. God is raising up CALL to believers to lay it all down for him. The call has always been there, but like you said, God is bringing it back into sharper focus. I believe he is raising up a group of young pastors: David Platt, Kyle Idleman (Not a Fan), Matt Carter, Matt Chandler, and Francis Chan, to name a few, to wake up Christians who have an ear to hear.

    Time is short. I ENCOURAGE YOU TO “GO FOR IT!”

    I am 64. My generation is fat, happy, and content. I hope I can do something about waking some of them up.


    mike denman

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